Hot Beef Jerky

Hot Beef Jerky


Same great flavor as the original, but with some heat!



We started making Jerky over 20 years ago, and we still use the same recipe to this day. This is the same recipe as the original with the addition of crushed red pepper to give it that kick you are looking for. Make no mistake, this stuff is spicy!

We start off with choice beef and marinate it overnight in our special blend of seasonings to give it that perfect taste. Then we smoke it in our smokehouse to remove moisture and add more flavor. This is 100% Beef Jerky made with choice grade beef. No skimping in quality!

Storage and care recommendations:

Jerky is dried and does not require refrigeration, however if not consumed within 2 weeks we recommend to keep it refrigerated or frozen. Typically refrigerated Jerky will last a month while frozen Jerky can last several months. Cockrums Beef Jerky does not like to be stored in dark places so please do not store it in a pantry for best results.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz