We know how hard you work raising your livestock. When the decision is made to have your stock processed, let us be the one to help you get it on the table. At Cockrums Custom Meat Processing, we take pride in providing you the best cuts of meat. With each cut, our customer’s needs are our number one priority. Each piece of meat is cut and packaged to your specifications. Here, you get your own stock, and you get all of it.


Drop off hours: 

Beef, Hogs, Sheep
Sunday 2:00-4:00
Thursday 8:00-5:00

Chickens and Rabbits
Thursday 8:00-12:00

Appointment required for all livestock.

Livestock Processing Fees

$50….Beef Kill, Dress, & Disposal

$25….Pork Kill & Dress

$.55/lb x Dressed weight…. Beef Processing under 1,600 lbs Live

$.60/lb x Dressed weight…. Beef Processing over 1,600 lbs Live

$.55/lb x Dressed weight…. Hog Processing

$.55/lb x Cured meat weight…. Curing & Smoking

$.55/oz…. Sausage Seasoning

Vacuum Packing on Request….$.10/lb.

Boneless beef are an extra $.05/lb. (All Hamburger, Boneless Steaks, etc.)


Whole $4.00
Cut up $5.00
$.50 extra for liver, heart, and gizzards


Whole $5.00
Cut in 1/2 $6.00

Sheep/Goats $70.00

Cockrums Meat processing processes chickens

For your convenience, you may look at our sample cut order form by clicking on the buttons below.  Simply print, scan, fax or email the form to us when you are ready to harvest your livestock.

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Beef and Hog sales

Don’t have a beef ready for processing? No worries! We raise our own farm raised beef with  no hormones, antibiotics, etc. Good quality meat at a reasonable rate.  

Looking for a hog? We have those too! We have partnered up with the University of Arkansas to bring you quality pork!